Revisit Happiness in 2 Easy Steps

9 November, 2012

Is happiness really just about the way we view life?

I am inspired by the work of Gretchen Rubin, who initiated The Happiness Project. She test-drove a number of theories on happiness over the course of a whole year, and came up with her own conclusions about what it is and how to feel it.

There are more books written on this subject than on any other subject in the world. It seems to be so elusive, this state that we call Happiness. I liked Gretchen's conclusions though, which I summise come down to two things:

  • Letting go of the obsessions that try to take hold of your mind.
  • Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

I suggest trying an exercise, to at least head in the right direction:

  1. Write a list of all the things you know your mind can obsess over. Worries at work, worries at home, insecurities... do a brainstorm and see what comes out on the page.
  2. Do your best to 'theme' them - what are the common themes that emerge? Could you categorise them? For example could they come down to three basics - Fear - Insecurity - Disempowerment?
  3. Write a list of things you can practically DO as antedotes to these obsessions. You might plan a solution, i.e. book that dentist appointment! Or it might be as simple as talking to a friend, or booking a session with a support person (coach, counsellor). You might find some of them have simple antedotes / solutions.
  4. Write a list of all the things that inspire you, all the things that you like or enjoy. Don't sensor yourself or judge yourself, just let yourself brainstorm. You might be surprised at what you discover about what you like!
  5. Next time you find yourself in a state of unhappiness, consult your Inspirations List, and put your attention to something on there. DO something, READ something. Whatever. Just make that choice, because you can, you know.

As always, am interested in your thoughts and experiences. Please do leave a comment below and have a chat.


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