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Review of the Year and Plans for the Next

Contact: for NLP coaching services in Wellington.I was lying in the rose garden of the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Thorndon (conveniently my 2nd backyard) today, on the last Saturday of 2007. I had a heap of books open on my rug, and my... read more.

Right, or Wrong? An impossible feat!

Contact: for NLP services in Wellington.It is amazing sometimes the 'trends' I observe in my practice working one on one with folks. I can't explain it exactly, but my observation is sometimes that from week to week, I notice a pattern... read more.


www.charlottehinksman.comNLP services in Wellington. read more.

The Inherent Excellence of Human Beings

My clients never cease to amaze me with their results.It is a well known NLP philosophy that we believe people have all the resources they need to succeed, that our role as a practitioner is guiding them to re-discover these inherent resources. It is something I remind myself of... read more.

NLP for curing Heartbreak Part 2!

I had some lovely feedback on this one. The friend that had recommended this client come down and see me, caught up with their friend, my client, over the weekend. The first time since her session with me in Wellington. He sent a text saying "What have you done to xxx? She... read more.

Coaching & Supervision

Life Coaching is about finding out what is right for you in your life and getting you there. It can be transformative and is not always about 'transformation' ...more


Training is about creating an environment where learning and implementing new skills is easy. We have a personal and professional touch ...more

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is about ensuring you are continuously developing your toolset, mindset and skillset, in order to deliver the best possible ...more