Posts in March 2011

What is Trauma, a Phobia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how can you safely overcome it?

I have recently been to Samoa with a team of NLP professionals on a voluntary basis, training their health care professionals and emergency services in some basic NLP skills, the key one being the NLP Trauma Process or Phobia Process. We had about 37 professionals on our three... read more.

How To Stay Stable When There Is So Much Instability

The earth has literally been moving from under our feet. This creates instability on multi-levels. What can you do for yourself to find your own inner stability amongst all the outer instability? I hope to answer some of those questions for you in this blog.Wherever you are in... read more.

After The Earth Moves - Thoughts From The Chaos Zone for NLP Practitioners.

Lynn Timpany has been in private NLP practice for nearly 15 years and my professional supervisor for five years. She lives in Christchurch and was affected by the recent earthquake. She is also coaching a large number of people to help them with their resourcefulness in the... read more.

Coaching & Supervision

Life Coaching is about finding out what is right for you in your life and getting you there. It can be transformative and is not always about 'transformation' ...more


Training is about creating an environment where learning and implementing new skills is easy. We have a personal and professional touch ...more

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is about ensuring you are continuously developing your toolset, mindset and skillset, in order to deliver the best possible ...more