Posts in June 2012

Do You Believe Everything You Think?

Our mind is capable of producing all kinds of things; good ideas and damaging thoughts. The question is, do you believe everything you think? I think this is an extremely important thing for one to consider. I was sitting with one of my clients recently, who had -... read more.

The 10 Basic Principles of Quality Communication

Most people say they wish to communicate better; in their relationships, with themselves. How about you, how are you doing? Room for improvement? For me, communication is the essence of your relationships, which I believe is everything in life. Where, and who, would you... read more.

Are You Listening?

For the people that spend time with you - work with you, live with you, socialise with you - how often do you think they have the experience of actually being listened to, heard and understood? I have had two situations in the last week of being on the receiving end... read more.

Lunch Without Blackberries?

The world continues moving at a normal pace, yet we are speeding up! This post looks at some simple ways you can be renewing and recharging for better energy and performance. When was the last time you sat down, ate lunch alone, and didn't look at your phone? What would... read more.

What Are You Willing To Do For Wellbeing?

Would you top up your petrol tank so it's always full when you need it? Or is it OK to let it sink to red-alert, where you grind to a halt if caught short? As a coach of six years (and counting) experience, you might imagine I have helped a good number of folk manage... read more.

Coaching & Supervision

Life Coaching is about finding out what is right for you in your life and getting you there. It can be transformative and is not always about 'transformation' ...more


Training is about creating an environment where learning and implementing new skills is easy. We have a personal and professional touch ...more

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is about ensuring you are continuously developing your toolset, mindset and skillset, in order to deliver the best possible ...more