Posts in December 2012

How Was Your Year?

The year end is a period of reflection. So, how was your year, and what is next year going to be about? Set realistic, achieveable goals, please! I am always curious speaking to people around this time of year. I've notived a bit of a pattern with people that there is... read more.

The Transition Survival Kit

When we are experiencing a change in life, we can lose our way. What can we stay anchored to during these times to survive and thrive? Two things - make nothing at all about you and make absolutely everything about you. As you know I have taken a break from... read more.

Coaching & Supervision

Life Coaching is about finding out what is right for you in your life and getting you there. It can be transformative and is not always about 'transformation' ...more


Training is about creating an environment where learning and implementing new skills is easy. We have a personal and professional touch ...more

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is about ensuring you are continuously developing your toolset, mindset and skillset, in order to deliver the best possible ...more