Posts in April 2013

Learning to 'Ride The Waves'

When does problem solving become unhealthy dwelling? When does healthy absorption in something pleasant become a form of numbing or avoidance? My fiancÚ helped me realise something this week. When I have a problem - especially a not-so-easily-solveable one - I can get quite... read more.

NOT an 'Attitude of Gratitude'

In Dr Brown's 12 years of research and collecting 1000s upon 1000s of stories, she never once met a person who felt the feeling of joy and didn't practice gratitude. I am very inspired and moved by the work of Dr Brene Brown currently. An associate college professor and... read more.

The Third Arrow

Have you ever wondered why some things bother us so much, and other things we can just let go of easily? Tara Brach - psychologist/buddhist/public figure - often talks of the second arrow. What she means is this: when an event happens that is less than positive e.g. a bad... read more.

Coaching & Supervision

Life Coaching is about finding out what is right for you in your life and getting you there. It can be transformative and is not always about 'transformation' ...more


Training is about creating an environment where learning and implementing new skills is easy. We have a personal and professional touch ...more

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is about ensuring you are continuously developing your toolset, mindset and skillset, in order to deliver the best possible ...more