Sleep transformation

Difficulty sleeping is a problem we see often in general practice, and can be very difficult to manage. This is particularly the case when it has become an entrenched pattern, rather than as a short term response to stress. Since learning of Charlotte's interest in treating insomnia, I have referred a number of patients to her, some of whom are now sleeping without recourse to medication for the first time in many years.

Dr Brenda Gibson, GP, The Terrace Medical Centre, Wellington


When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive'. I'm not sure where that quote comes from but it is a perfect description of what happened for me.

I don't normally read Next magazine but a spare ten minutes, a copy thrust into my hands and Charlotte's article explaining NLP all came together. I had been suffering insomnia and knew someone in the article who had been treated by Charlotte. I picked up the phone and commenced a journey that has changed my life. Charlotte's approach is to keep asking questions until she has a firm understanding of what you want out of the sessions and your life. I soon realised that lack of sleep wasn't the only issue that needed addressing and Charlotte and I have worked through these. Some of it is tough going and she handles the sessions with empathy and humour but she is no soft touch and expect your thinking to be challenged along the way.

I am now happier and healthier than I have been for a very long time. I look at my life differently and think about myself in a whole new way. Along the way we have slain some demons and built a picture of what my future will look like and it is very, very exciting.

A huge thanks Charlotte!

JS, business owner, Wellington


For a number of years I had an issue where at very frequent intervals I felt the need to urinate. This appeared to be a physical problem as the body sensations experienced indicated the need was urgent. As a consequence concerns were ever present in my mind, and persistently interrupted my daily activities and normal healthy sleep patterns. I worked on this in two sessions with Charlotte and the issue has disappeared. Charlotte worked with me on thought management practices that are highly effective. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I recommend Charlotte highly. She is professional, friendly and it is easy to discuss what may seem to be very embarrassing matters.



I tried NLP for my sleep problems and after a 2 hour session and a follow-up phone call, I am happy to report that I have been sleeping so well every since. Even if I wake in the night I am able to get myself back to sleep. I highly recommend this opportunity to all.

Kate Rainger, Hawkes Bay


My sleep patterns were awry and I knew that NLP was a very powerful tool, but I said to Charlotte that I wasn't expecting a miracle but would be glad of a longer episode of sleep at nights. After one session, and twenty four hours, I was sleeping 5 hours in one episode and easily returning to sleep for a further period each night. Because I felt so comfortable in Charlotte's presence, I sought her help on another subject. There too, I have been delighted with the result and feel I that I have, indeed, received my miracle! Thank you Charlotte!

Nola, Palmerston North


I came to Charlotte after reading an article about her and her methods, with a 7 year sleeping tablet habit. I had tried many other forms of therapy to rid myself of the tablets but was unable to sleep without at least a nibble on one and then only fitfully. After a week I was sleeping well and soundly - able to fall back to sleep if I woke up and awake feeling refreshed. Charlotte, you are amazing, you have such positivity and a gentle energy. Thank you Charlotte you are magic.

Viva Bone


Having tried several other techniques to fix my poor sleeping habits, I was recommended to try NLP. After several sessions with Charlotte she not only showed me how to achieve a good nights sleep but empowered me to go forward positively with my life. By using this skill I am confident that I can face the many challenges that may come my way in the future.

Empowered, Wellington


After four years of drug-induced sleep, I am finally sleeping naturally again, and that's after only five sessions with Charlotte. I am overwhelmed by the results an recommend Charlotte to anyone suffering from insomnia. Sleep is bliss!

LL, Marketing Consultant, Wellington


Having suffered sleeping problems for over 10 years I was delighted with the improvement I achieved after the first session. The advice was practical and the recommened actions very effective.

BJL, Wellington


I have been astonished by the results I have had. After one session with Charlotte my longstanding and deteriorating sleep disorder was completely "cured". It has been several months now and I continue to sleep soundly through the night - every night.

When you are used to tolerating poor sleep patterns and sleep deprivation you forget just how wonderful it feels to give your body and mind the quality and quantity of sleep it needs. It's just wonderful!

I wish I had discovered Charlotte years ago.

JBA, Wellington


After many years of drug induced sleep a doctor suggested I go see Charlotte. I was a little sceptical, so I sat on the idea for a few weeks. I wish I hadn't. After the first session I slept, unmedicated, for eight hours and have every night since. I have so much energy to do all the things I struggled to do before. NLP is an empowering tool and has allowed me to be me again.

Sean, Wellington


When I came to Charlotte for help with insomnia, I was heavily reliant on sleeping tablets and had had trouble sleeping for over ten years. After my first session with Charlotte, I was able to go to sleep without any medication, and have been sleeping well ever since! When friends mention that they are having chronic sleeping trouble, I really encourage them to consult with Charlotte. I have also used NLP to change other aspects of my life, with amazing results. Charlotte has really helped me to change my life, and does so in a supportive and safe environment. If you are having trouble sleeping, I encourage you to consult with Charlotte to change your situation.

Julie T, Wellington


I had a serious / inhibiting sleeping disorder for 25 years. I saw Charlotte out of desperation rather than hope. Despite immense scepticism; we have achieved remarkable results and behavioural changes. I can't tell you what a difference this has made to so many aspects of my life. My partner and I are getting on better than ever, work is a doddle and I look forward to tomorrow and most significantly - going to bed!

R.A. Wellington


I recently had the good fortune of being referred to Charlotte for help with a severe insomnia problem - duration 5-6 years. I had been in an endless cycle of staying awake until 2 or 3 am every night and then dragging myself through the day suffering from low energy, lack of motivation and irritability. Since seeing Charlotte I now look forward to bedtime and find I can relax and fall asleep within 10-15 minutes and continue to sleep through the night. My energy levels have soared along with renewed interest and vitality. I feel like I have my life back.

Sue M, Wellington

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