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I met Charlotte as a participant in my Strengths Performance Coach workshop. I quickly realised that I could learn as much from her as she could from me. StrengthsFinder training only added to her already impressive talent as a coach and I came to see her as as a values based, genuine and skilled facilitator of change. She has the ability to quickly develop rapport with people, and get to the heart of the issue that brings them to coaching. On the practical side she is responsible, confident and focused with experience of organisations. Her non-judgemental attitude, wealth of information, and sense of humour make her a pleasure to work with. I recommend her for any situation that requires an people development, change management and coaching.

Anita Alexander, Coaching Psychologist, www.anitaalexander.com.au, Sydney 


I was fortunate to be involved in the leader as coach programme implemented by IRD & be assigned Charlotte as my leadership coach. Having taken over a new team performing new tasks just after the Christchurch earthquake I faced some demanding challenges. Charlotte assisted me by working through various scenarios and role-plays with me. Her relaxed easy-going manner helped produce some very good strategies for me to implement. These proved to be very successful & I am extremely grateful for the coaching she provided as I have developed personal tools for future challenges.

Andy Bunn, Team Leader, Child Support, Inland Revenue.


Charlotte was my in-house coach at Inland Revenue. Due to us being based in different locations, all coaching sessions were held via phone. Whilst this could have been viewed as a hurdle, it was not, and that was due to Charlotte’s style. She immediately put me at ease, and she has the kind of personality when working with her, you feel like you have known her for years.  This doesn’t mean to say that she lets you away with easy options! She ensured that I got the most out of all my coaching sessions, and also pushed me to think of/explore all options (even if they were hard). I found Charlotte incredibly easy to relate to, very capable and professional and I wish her every success in her future.

Megan Sinclair, Collections Officer, Inland Revenue


Charlotte was assigned to me as my Lead Coach and was the facilitator of my Peer Coaching Group in 2013.  At that stage I was an Acting Team Leader in the Lead 4 development programme at Inland Revenue on a 1 year secondment as a Team Leader and had completed the Leader as Coach training course.  This workshop was the start of my journey; I had been looking after a team for 9 months and conducting coaching sessions with my staff based on how I had been coached in the past with no formal training.  My one on one’s and the Peer Coaching Group sessions with Charlotte were my chance to further cement what I had learnt and enhanced my performance as an Acting Team Leader.  Charlotte was clear, concise, her explanations were easy to understand and she challenged me and my group to identify our goals, she encouraged me to look for solutions and gave me confidence in myself which was invaluable when I applied for a permanent Team Leader Role (successful) and guided me to find solutions on a presentation I had done which I felt hadn’t gone too well and I still use this template of the GROW model that we had worked through for my quarterly presentations. Charlotte was genuine in her support, she provided a stress free environment in our catch ups; they were a nice break from my busy hectic day with my team, a time to learn and reflect on what was important to me and my journey.  Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Vicki Shaw, Team Leader, Customer Services, Inland Revenue


Charlotte was a great fit for me in terms of a coach; she was encouraging but really pushed me to find the answers that I needed to develop.  One of the main focuses for me when it came to coaching was finding the confidence in myself to progress to a more senior position. Charlotte played an integral part in helping me achieve this by working with me to identify exactly what it was that I wanted to get out of the role and then helping me to establish a plan to get there.

Katie Thomas, Senior Advisor, Service Delivery, Inland Revenue


Thank you for your help through my sessions with you as a ‘leader as a coach’. I found your simple almost conversational style very effective in helping me quickly choose to trust you and as a result I opened up more helping get more out of our time together.

Sarah Borland, Customer Services Specialist, Service Delivery, Inland Revenue


I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed our coaching sessions as part of the Leader as Coach Programme.  You made me feel at ease in every session that we had. The way you built our relationship so quickly and you listened and understood some of the challenges I was facing.  I found our sessions extremely beneficial and I learnt things about myself that were holding me back from being a fantastic Leader. You helped me to face those barriers and in turn I have a totally new outlook on my leadership journey.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work, commitment and making the coaching sessions something that I looked forward too.  I really hope that my coachees feel the same about our sessions as I did with you.

Many Preston, Lead Coach, Customer Services, Inland Revenue


Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with me as my coach. I really appreciated you taking your time to helping me realise my goals, blocks and for suggesting options for me. You were able to understand what I could not quite articulate in the beginning and helped me to self-realise options/opportunities that I had in front of me. You were always warm and caring in your approach, it never felt like a cold one on one session. You always used the time we had efficiently, I always felt listened to and I always came out of my session feeling engaged and positive – I knew I could do achieve my goal.  Good luck with your future endeavours!

Selena Singh, Team Leader, Service Delivery, Inland Revenue


I found the one on one Coaching sessions we had to be invaluable.  Being a Coach is a new experience for me and I was not clear at the beginning what my goals truly were. By applying your excellent Coaching and Listening skills you were able to identify out of my conversations the true ‘root’ of my feelings and then allow me to work on solutions to move forward.  Having experienced the way you Coach, has enabled me to truly develop my own skills and abilities as a Coach which so far has been very successful.

Anne Williams, Team Leader (acting), Service Delivery, Inland Revenue 


I am currently acting in a tier 3 role. To assist me make the step up, my substantive Group Manager arranged for me to receive coaching from Charlotte.  I cannot over endorse how useful this has been to me.  Charlotte has stretched my thinking and helped immensely in making my secondment a success. I will be forever grateful to her and IR in making sure that I am properly supported while performing this role.  Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss this further.

Phil Latimer, Director Stakeholder Relations (acting), Information, Intelligence & Communications, Inland Revenue.

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