Training NLP professionals

Thanks Charlotte for providing an awesome training. Its great to see the passion that you have applied to your NLP business and then to the assistance of others. I particularly liked your marketing strategies and the way to approach potential alliance partners. I have applied much of your training. The one piece I have added is to work out how much you think needs to be done and then do 5 times that amount, it guarantees success!

Mike Catton, Christchurch, www.mikecatton.co.nz


Charlotte is a professional facilitator. Her course was thorough and was well suited to meet the benefits of the trainees. Her bubbly, open and energetic personality is so inspiring in itself you cannot help but be transformed.

Diane Smith, Career & Performance Coach, Christchurch, www.dianesmithconsulting.co.nz


Charlotte delivered an informative clear and concise presentation on NLP practice and development, accompanied by a comprehensive resource manual. The workshop highlights the integrity she brings to the work that she does which is no doubt at the core of her business success.

Arden Corter, master NLP practitioner, Auckland


Charlotte makes her vast store of knowledge and experience accessible in just one day - an excellent investment of your time and money.

S.L Morrison, coach and mentor, Auckland


Very insightful and helpful information on how to set up an NLP business. A well-thought marketing plan and positive attitude = success!!

Priscilla Yap, NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, Auckland


I enjoyed Charlotte's training thoroughly. She has a good, calming energy about her, provided personal insights an the training was well structured along with the workbook. Thank you.

Linder Chong, Coaching Innovations, Auckland


Charlotte presents her training in a clear, concise, constructive and friendly manner. She portrays professionalism and relateability. I would thoroughly recommend her trainings and other services to others as required.

Sandy Douglas, NLP master practitioner, Wellington


Charlotte is highly skilled and deserves her good reputation.

Steven Rose, NLP practitioner


Realistic and simplistic ways of reaching your business goals.

Genni McFaddon, www.newpath.co.nz, Tauranga


Charlotte offers a compact course with lots of valuable tools to set up your own NLP business. The practical experience is supported by a well structured and clear manual. Thanks a lot!

Jan-Stachel-Williamson, NLP master practitioner & trainer, Christchurch


This training blew all other business trainings out of the water. Real personal skills, details and processes for my future development. Also great fun!

Alaina Gronn, RN, Wellness Coach, Palmerston North


Charlotte's training delivers new and creative material in the area of marketing NLP consulting. She draws inspiration from the group and gives inspiration to the group. The results are a new and creative experience.

Darryl Shute, Manager Haelam Enterprises, Christchurch


Charlotte presented a confident and professional course which was well structured and able to move participants from in-action and uncertainty to success.

Sue T, Wellington


A worthwhile investment. A thoroughly enjoyable day. Very Useful strategies learnt.

JB, Wellington


It is extremely rewarding for me as an NLP trainer to see one of my master practitioner graduates Charlotte, extend her NLP skills so far and beyond what is expected and usually observed - to such an extent that the truly masterful design, content and delivery of her workshops is comparable and somewhat indistinguishable from that of a highly experienced trainer in the field! I highly recommend the experience of Charlotte's trainings to NLP practitioners, businesses and the public alike.

Dr Richard Bolstad, International NLP trainer, Transformations, Wellington

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