Acclaim from NLP practioners

I think this feeling of trust I experience with Charlotte comes from her authenticity, openness and honesty with people. I really enjoy Charlotte's sense of humour, and I admire her ability to laugh, genuinely and gently, at even very challenging situations. I think of that as a very valuable quality for anyone who chooses to work in the area of helping other people change, as laughter indeed heals. Charlotte's determination and dedication combined with an explorative, non-intrusive nature creates a stimulating and safe environment to be in.

Julia Kurusheva, NLP practitioner, Auckland


I especially noted [Charlotte's] skill in connecting with people. This can be seen in her direct and open approach, including a personal manner that encourages others to feel immediately at ease.....Her loving nature and her inclination to help people is obvious to all those who come into contact with her.....I believe this is an avenue where Charlotte can put into practise what she has learnt so that she will continue making a valuable contribution to the NLP community and society as a whole.

Dr Richard Bolstad, International NLP trainer, Auckland


It is extremely rewarding for me as an NLP trainer to see one of my master practitioner graduates Charlotte, extend her NLP skills so far and beyond what is expected and usually observed - to such an extent that the truly masterful design, content and delivery of her workshops is comparable and somewhat indistinguishable from that of a highly experienced trainer in the field! I highly recommend the experience of Charlotte's trainings to NLP practitioners, businesses and the public alike.

Dr Richard Bolstad, International NLP trainer, Auckland

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