How did NLP start?

NLP was developed 1970s in California by John Grinder a professor of linguistics and Richard Bandler, a mathematician. They studied the works of eminent psychotherapists at the time, including Virginia Satir - the pioneer of family therapy, Milton Ericson - a medical doctor who made is name as a hypnotherapist, and Fritz Perls the founder of Gestalt therapy. They wanted to know how these people got the amazing results they did with their clients. How did they bring about such positive change in people and empower them to continue living a happy life?

NLP has therefore arisen out of studying the structure of success. How did these people achieve success and how can we teach other people to achieve success? How are some people happy and healthy all the time? How can we take a skill someone has in one area of life and apply it in others? Out of this came an innovative new approach to understanding how people work, and a new technology that allows us to change our thinking to return to our inherent excellence, so we can achieve what we want to achieve in all areas of life.

This makes it very different to its related field of traditional psychology and psychotherapy, which emerged from the study of sickness, distress and a focus on problems as opposed to solutions. The NLP model only works towards positive solutions and outcomes. This along with its direct methodologies enables change to be fast and easy.

If one person can use their brain effectively to be happy and healthy and successful in life, then everyone’s brain is capable of the same thing. The hardware is the same, it is just the software that is different. This “way of thinking” can be changed to help your brain do more of what you want it to do! This is a wonderful way of viewing human potential. We are all inherently excellent, it is just sometimes our brain needs reminding.

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